Have you been saving corks for years thinking that someday you'll finally make something with them?  Well... you won't, and if you do it won't look very good.  Trust me, my first attempts were awful.  Why not send your corks my way?  If a pipe is leaking, call a plumber.  Car breaks down?  Call a mechanic.  Need a cork job done right?  E-mail Matt.   You pick the size, and design, I do the rest.

Grey Owl Design

-Cork Art

​As a former hardscaper, I have laid thousands of bricks, pavers, and flagging stones.  For me, corks are just small bricks, plus they are easier on the back.  Using the same patterns as with bricks; running bond, herring bone, and basket weave, I create a mesmerizing piece that will look great on your wall.  The frames are handmade using reclaimed barn board.