​  Welcome to the website of Grey Owl Design.  My name is Matt Gang, I am a production artist located in Burlington, Vermont's south end arts district.  My days are spent either taking care of my 2 high energy children, or designing and making product.  Please take a minute to check out the website, like my facebook page and follow me on Instagram.  There are always beautiful new products in the works.  I make sure to update everything at least biannually.

Cool cork creations.

Credit, cash, or check.

Elouise Danger Gang and Oscar Wolf Gang.  Trouble.​  Don't make eye contact.  They will attack.

Custom cutouts.

My wife, Moe, is also an artist.  Here's a link to her site.  LINKAGE.  She makes recycled things out of stuff.  It's pretty cool I suppose.  If you are surprised that she doesn't have a link on her site for me.... don't worry about it.  I'm the supportive one in this relationship.



Grey Owl Design